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Noble Ocarina Co., Ltd.
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Noble Ocarina Co., Ltd.

Noble Ocarina Soprano - C

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Noble Ocarina Soprano - C

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Noble Ocarina Soprano-c

  • Material : Seramics
  • Range : From low La to high Fa to high Do
  • World's first 3-octave "Do" was developed to allow performers.
  • Fingering in high performance long tail to the side bass design was "Si" "La" to the right of fingering as the performances were the style.
  • Fingering hole in the whole interval is not big and comfortable fingering hole array was considering the balance.
  • Less bass and treble to the respiratory variations so that even beginners can play the tune to be nice.
  • Contents : An ocarina, a bag, and astring
  • The rich sound of the bass and treble volume is no greater cause to feel comfortable listening to this.
  • Instrument configuration : Soprano-C / G / F / Bb
Noble Soprano-C Black
Noble Soprano-C Red clay

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